My Story

I am Lauren. Lover of all things pretty and practical. My biggest obsessions are fashion, flowers and furniture. Born and raised in Illinois and lived in Chicago for 12 years. Laurinteriors began in my senior studio class back in 2004 at Harrington College of Design in Chicago, IL as part of our assignment was to name our own business. It seemed so imaginary at the time and I simply liked the way the words merged fluently. Not knowing that just creating that name was igniting a fire to pursue my passion, that would burn for years to come! After graduating with honors and a BFA in Interior Design, I set out to decorate the city of Chicago.

I began with visual merchandising. Outfitting mannequins was just as fun as shopping for myself! I styled mannequins, interior display walls & vignettes, and street window displays for H&M as well as Paul Stuart, both on Michigan Avenue. I moved on to manage the Home Fashions showroom of a Benjamin Moore retailer. I performed countless paint color consultations, and consulted on custom drapery, hard & soft window shades, wallpaper and custom soft goods. It was extremely beneficial to learn the world of textiles and window treatments, as it is intricate and not taught in Interior Architecture. Moving towards my passion I sought out furniture positions and consulted at the showrooms of Design Studio, Restoration Hardware, and BoConcept Chicago. I fell in love with helping people enjoy their living spaces more, and I realized I was helping them love living in their lives! Laurinteriors came to life when I started freelancing about 4 months before the market crash of ’08. I managed to stayed afloat with other employment and never lost my passion for aesthetics. Over those years I learned that people can be intimidated by the idea of hiring a designer and that some of the best interiors aren’t necessarily high-end.

Within the last few years I have gotten engaged, bought a house, relocated to Milwaukee, got married and had a baby! Once we relocated, I started up my interior styling again, and started sewing custom pillows, window treatments and some clothing! I also began blogging. I blog because I love sharing content about real lifestyle. From food choices and recipes, household tips & tricks, crafts, beauty, fashion, entertaining and of course, momming… Anything that can help you to love living in your own life. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy!