Real people, in real spaces, on a real budget.

Laurinteriors, based in Milwaukee, is an interior decor, styling & design resource for everyday people. Like you and me. I don’t live in a giant fancy house. I don’t have a designer wardrobe. But I love my house and I love my wardrobe. Good design doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg! All you need is an open mind and the “aesthetic eye” of Laurinteriors. And I want you to LOVE LIVING IN YOUR OWN LIFE too!

Good interiors make you FEEL good!

Period. Regardless of the price of your cocktail table or drapery rod finial, does it make you feel good? Do you like the way it looks? Does it make you happy when you look at it? I believe that interior design and decor is about evoking an emotion. Not spending a lot of money. And more importantly evoking the right emotion. Most of us “like”, and actually like pictures of rooms and houses we see online and in magazines. But do you know why we like them? We like the way it makes us feel when we look at the picture and imagine ourselves in that space or that life. “Oh how happy and perfect my life would be if my kitchen just looked like THAT!” or “If I had THAT living room, then I’d be sure to keep it tidy all the time.” Maybe?! Why not try? Why not strive for more aesthetic spaces in your own home?

“The details are not the details. They make the design.” ~ Charles Eames

Together we can make that happen. Depending on your spaces and its’ needs, creating interiors that you love living in does not have to leave a huge hole in your pocket. It’s in the cosmetics and details that comprehensive design flourishes. Message me and let’s get started styling you space!


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